Buzz Behind – Innovative Social Media Marketing

An innovative business model that combines social media with e-commerce marketing, Buzz Behind uses a unique “amplified recommendation marketing” system to encourage the sharing of content. This model operates on the understanding that individual recommendations play a key role in the commercial success of a particular product. Buzz Behind helps content creators generate this socially driven success by enabling affiliates to pay for a product using their own online recommendations.

Buzz Behind invites content creators to submit a free sample of their work for download on Its network of affiliates can then review the sample for potential promotion. If the affiliates enjoys the sample, they may choose to purchase it either with money or in exchange for promoting the product via an online recommendation. If an affiliate chooses the later, he or she receives a single sample copy to review. The affiliate then pushes a button in the back office of their affiliate site that automatically posts a link about the product via social media, which then generates more interest and requests for free samples. This unique, mutually beneficial cyclical system thus expands interest in a product and generates excitement while drawing traffic to affiliate sites. More information is available on